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Armor for All

 You don't have to be a war-fighter to need protection. Now there's armor for the rest of us. 


Our state of the art armor provides protection from the most common everyday handgun and shotgun threats.

Unlike other armor companies who say they meet "National Institute of Justice"(NIJ), our products are certified by the NIJ .06 standard just like armor worn by your local Police or Sheriff.

Our products are made in the USA with the highest grade materials. Don't be fooled by cheap packages made overseas without certifications.

Isn't your life and the lives of your loved ones worth more?


Available for Shipment in 24 hours or less

Holiday Sale! All Vests Discounted!

The INVADER: 3 Configurations in 1

The INVADER: 3 Configurations in 1

$397.00Regular Price$377.00Sale Price
The Defense

The Defense

$491.00Regular Price$466.00Sale Price

No sales tax for citizens outside of California

Backpack Shield

Backpack Shield


You have a choice...

Firearms will be a threat for years to come. Now there's an option for those who always want to be ready.

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After a combined experience of over 40 years in the police and military armor industry, we set our goals on protecting the every day citizen. Questions?