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The story behind Armor for All…


After more than 20 years protecting law enforcement, U.S. and international military forces, we discovered that over 1000 people are shot and killed in the U.S. every month. This does not include people taking their own life or criminals shot by police officers.


Of these lost lives, less than one half of one percent were police officers. We are proud to play a part in protecting those that protect us but we were compelled to use our experience and expertise to offer protection to anyone that might be at risk.


This was our motivation for starting Armor for All.



Is it legal for citizens to buy and own bullet proof vests?


Yes it is legal for private citizens to protect themselves. However, it is illegal for convicted felons to buy, own or wear body armor.


We make armor to protect the average person whether it be a convenience store clerk, a person making night deposits at ATMs, educators, social workers, people that live in high risk areas or just people that understand the need for protection against armed home invaders.



What level armor does Armor for All use?


Our products use NIJ .06 certified IIIA (the highest level soft armor) used by police and military forces word wide.


Our designs are created to protect your most vital organs against the most common guns used by criminals. These are state of the art ballistics at affordable prices.



What bullets does level IIIA soft armor stop?


Level IIIA stops the most common pistol rounds that may be encountered in everyday scenarios including .22, .380, 9mm, .40, as well as .357 and .44.


What products does Armor for All currently carry?


The INVADER: is a rapid response, 3 in 1 armor system that can be used as a shield, worn as a vest or as protection in a back pack. The INVADER is great for keeping under a bed, car seat or in a drawer at the office. Be prepared if you find yourself in any kind of active shooter situation.


The ARMOR SHIRT:  is a comfortable low profile compression style garment that provides concealed ballistic protection.

The Backpack Shield: 11"x13" panel made with our state of the art ballistic package that fits easily into most back packs.

What is our return policy?

  • Time - 14 days from receiving the shipment.

  • Method of refund - The purchase price will be refunded to the same form of payment.

  • Product condition - The item must be in "like new" condition.

  • Refund contact info - To initiate a return, email​​​​

  • Charges- The purchaser pays for return shipping.

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Keeping good people alive is what we are all about.

Be safe! Be prepared!


-The team at Armor for All

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